U743 Log

Captain Heinrich Stiner’s Log

April 13, 1941
The seas have cleared some and we are making good time. No sign of off shore defense. The route given to us by the dilettante is working.

April 14, 1941
Navigating the cliffs off the shore of Northern Massachusetts was difficult, but we found the deep water mooring at the estate. There was a pristine 18th century schooner moored next to us, The Desire. I take this as a good sign,.

April 15, 1941
Special cargo loaded and boat resupplied. The weather is turning bad. We need to depart for home.

April 16, 1941
Rough seas and engine failure has floundered us off the coast. Chief engineer Schmitt is confident we can be under way soon. I’m reserving battery power for an emergency dive should we be spotted.

April 17, 1941
The crew believes that ‘the cargo’ is talking to them, telling them to kill each other.

Engines restored enough to run on the surface at 1/4 power.

Watch reports a small craft closing on the ship.

We were caught by surprise. A harpoon of all things has fowled our main screw. A second harpoon carried a charge that ripped a hole in our aft hull. We are going down. We are doomed and all I hear is laughing in my head.

U743 Log

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