skill levels

Here is some guidance on skill level in the game:

> 90 would qualify as THE world-renown expert in that skill. I wouldn’t expect a skill of over 90 in this game, and if it is the case, a good explanation would be necessary, accompanied by appropriate disadvantages associated with being such an expert.

> 75 would be a rare skill with a good back story to support

75 is the general skill limit for the game. If you wish to raise a skill above 75, then special consideration by the GM is necessary before that level is allowed. Some skills (see below) may have lower general limits.

Cthulhu Mythos: As stated elsewhere, PCs do not start with this skill.

Dodge: Personal Interest Points spent on Dodge are capped at 5. Occupational skill points should be accompanied by the appropriate history.

Spot Hidden is discussed in a special section.

skill levels

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