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This campaign will use Call of Cthulhu v6

I’ve taken the ‘Adventure Log’ and edited it to run in chronological order. It’s a tree killer. The Whole Story

Here are a few potential reasons that our characters can have for visiting Kingsport. The campaign will run 4-8 characters based on the rule set above.

A page that highlights skill rolls and abilities and a special restriction on the spot hidden skill and an explanation of relative skill levels.

The log of the adventure contains the details of this campaign and should be updated regularly as we progress.

The maps tab has the relevant maps that the players will use during the campaign. I will also scan in player drawn maps and post them here as the campaign progresses.

Pages of interest during the campaign:

Based on the Characters Created so far, this is the Dexterity Order of the party.

The Zagat Review of the Kingsport Waffle Hut

The Kingsport Maritime Museum’s special exhibit on the area’s pirate heritage.

Mariners Park and Driving Range

Order of Attack during combat

three leg mark on the watermark in Chardonnay’s note

Wiki instructions on the instructions page.

Main Page

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