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An overcast morning in Kingsport Massachusetts

It’s a gloomy Monday morning, occasionally spitting down rain. Six strangers are in line for breakfast at the Kingsport Waffle Hut, Kingsport’s best diner. The morning newspaper is stacked on the checkout counter…

The Kingsport Herald – June 13, 2011

Kingsport Happenings – This Week:

- Miskatonic University’s Department of Noetic Science is sponsoring a 3-day workshop on # Noetic Science. Topics include:
> Children’s Memories of Previous Lives
> Absent-Minded Science, Part VII: What Is Life?
> How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable—and Couldn’t
> How Do I Pray?
> The Noetic Change Model – Living a Life of Meaning

- New England Paranormal Society’s Annual Meeting and Lighthouse Fun Night

- Attend the NEPS Annual meeting and enjoy the fun of an overnight haunted lighthouse investigation. The Kingsport Lighthouse is reportedly one of the most haunted locations on the Eastern seaboard. Be prepared to be locked in with your fellow investigators overnight for a fun-filled haunted lighthouse experience. The NEPS will hold a meeting at the Kingsport Days Inn with special guests The Ghostfacers.

In other News:

>The USDA in association with the MA Dept. of Agriculture, has determined lightning strike to be the cause of death for 25 dairy cows from the McColluch Dairy herd, 10 miles north of Kingsport on the Kingsport/Dunwich road.

> A relic of World War II was found off the shore of Kingsport when a German U-boat (U 743) was found sunken in 200 feet of water. Salvage operations are underway, sponsored by the Kingsport Maritime Museum.

> The Kingsport Mental Health Clinic, a division of the Arkham Mental Health Institute has been reaccredited with a 5-star rating. The review board cites the positive recovery rate from a variety of mental illnesses plus strides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients as key factors in their reaccreditation.

> Kingsport society was shocked yesterday when famed socialite and reported psychic, Muriel Hogswollep, died of an apparent heart attack. A celebration of Muriel’s life will be held Thursday at the Kingsport Horticultural Society.

> Lights in the sky!!! Long time Kingsport resident, Samuel LeMonde, reported seeing strange lights over his farm in Northwest Kingsport. According to Mr. LeMonde, what sets this apart from the numerous ‘UFO’ sightings was the sheer number of objects. Sheriff Murthy stated; ‘If my blood alcohol was as high as Sam’s, I’m sure that I would have seen over 20 lights in the sky as well’.

> The Kingsport Mariners continue their storybook unbeaten season with a 4-0 win over Atlantic League rival Bridgeport Bluefish. The Mariners pitching staff seemed to mesmerize Bluefish batters with a 3-hit effort by local sensation Pete Hodge.

Marge is handling the morning rush in her usual gruff efficiency. Marge and her staff all look like they belong to the same biker gang, all sporting a variety of similar tattoos. The waiter and kitchen staff all look like they could have been sitting on top of the food chain at a variety of our more famous penal institutions. Everyone in the restaurant is enjoying their breakfast and taking their time.

Sheriff Roy Murthy seems to have set up his morning office in the first booth. He’s reviewing files with a pitcher of coffee and a rather impressive bear claw on his plate. The mood is normal and no-nonsense, just like Marge likes it. That’s good because the weather outside is miserable. The morning fog and rain have turned a summer morning into something that looks more like fall…

… and this is where our campaign begins …



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