Chaos at the Waffle Hut

Looks Like Somebody's Having a Case of the Mondays...

Monday, June 13, 2011, Kingsport, MA 1:30pm

Last time we saw our intrepid crew, four were on their way back to the police station with Deputy Andy and two were walking to the police station from the Miskatonic University library. The summer sun was burning off the fog and warming up what was a miserable morning.

(OOC – Our next session will begin at the police station. This write up will chronicle the events from the end of our last session to that point.)

The morning seemed almost like a dream. Things were happening so fast that it was hard to take it all in. What were those things? Zombies didn’t exist was the mantra that Bethany, Flint, and Marc held to. They were trying to devise a natural explanation to the morning’s activities. Biff was not one to over think things. He was bummed that he broke his bat, but this new bat sure was balanced nicely. Annie was traumatIzed by the activities at the Waffle Hut, but she was also very happy to see her grandmother in good spirits. Chardonnay didn’t know what she had gotten herself into. It sounded like her old pal Muriel was a little more than that skilled grifter she encountered 10 years ago.

Flint was pulled aside by Deputy andy before they left the cemetery. ‘You might need this. I found it on one of the corpses by the crypt.’ Deputy Andy said as he handed Flint a very nice military grade crossbow with scope. He went on. ’I’ve heard about you Mr. McDitty. You’re more right than you know about alien issues, but you are like a stubborn child only fixated on one thing, failing to see the bigger picture.’ With that Deputy Andy left Flint to ponder that on his Vespa ride back to the Police Station.

By the time that they got back to Biff’s car, Marc’s cell phone had 4 messages from Dr. Buckley. The first message was to confirm their meeting for 11:00 am. The second and third messages were to see if he had gotten the previous message. The fourth message was more interesting. ‘Marc, I just spoke with Sheriff Murthy. I guess you’ve had an exciting morning. He wanted to make sure that Andy came along when we meet. I would like to get this investigation behind us, but I understand if you can’t make it today. I am available for some time this afternoon or tomorrow morning. If you want to visit the McColluch dairy, let me know so we can set that up with Ian. Talk to you soon.’

Marc texted a reply to Dr. Buckley; “Doctor, I should be able to make the appointment, I would like to visit the farm so your assistance in arranging that is greatly appreciated. I’ll make sure that Andy comes along. Again thank you very much for your time in this matter. I’ll call you within the hour to finalize our plans.”

As Biff got in his car he was thinking that this new bat might be lucky for him. The blood stains were sure bad ass. Blood trumps pine tar any day. The young ball player settled himself in behind the driver’s seat and glanced at his phone that he left on the dash earlier this morning. There was a message from Lou Estivez, the Mariner’s manager. ‘Biff! I don’t have time to see you today. All hell has broken loose. Hodge has come down with some illness and now I have to find a pitcher for tomorrow night’s game. Stop by tomorrow and we can take a look at you. I should be available between ten and eleven.’

As Annie and Chardonnay were making their way back to the police station, they were stopped by a shabbily dressed old woman of Eastern European dissent, with bad teeth and a hazy yellow right eye. ‘Oh would you two be a couple of dears and help an old lady out?’ she said in a raspy accented voice. Chardonnay wanted to ignore her and move on, but Annie stopped and asked ’What’s the matter? How can we help?’ The old lady looked Annie over and her gaze stopped on her pendant. ‘Where did you get that?’ She said in a startled tone. ‘My grandmother gave it to me.’ Annie replied. A spark of realization came over the old woman’s face. ‘Never mind.’ she said in a hurried tone as she scurried away.

‘What a strange woman.’ Chardonnay mentioned as they continued on. Annie then realized that her phone was set to vibrate. She looked at the screen and noticed that she had a 3 voice mails, two from her parents and one (the most recent) from her grandmother. Avoiding her parents, she decided to listen to her grandmother’s message.

‘Annie, I just got off the phone with your father. Your parents were worried sick about you, but I assured him that you were fine and enjoying some quality time with your grandmother. I bought you a couple of days my dear, but you need to call them. He’s not coming up just yet. I threatened to have Marge around. Nothing like the threat of an old flame to keep someone at bay.’ Irma chuckled as she signed off.

The police station was in sight. It looked like the rest of the gang were arriving all at the same time. ‘Now what do we do?’ Annie asked Chardonnay. ‘How are we going to get these marks off of our hands? My parents can NEVER find out about this. They would kill me.’ Annie rambled on as they entered the building.



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