Chaos at the Waffle Hut

I am sure, in the miserable annals of the Earth, you will be duly enshrined.

Flint sat in the corner of the ceremonial chamber and worked on the puzzle box that he found.  The box was made of a strange shimmering stone that seemed almost liquid to the touch.  He worked the sliding pieces quickly becoming oblivious to everything around him.


That was it. The final piece of the puzzle fit into place.  The box vibrated and grew warm in his hands.  Consciousness faded and a vision took form in his head.

The sign on the gate read ‘Ashton’.  It was a reinforced  structure with a guard house that allowed access to the compound.  The main house was three stories that overlooked the rocky northeastern shore of the Kingsport countryside.  There were at least two out buildings, one of which looked like the security center and barracks.  

Guards were plentiful throughout the compound.  They all wore black paramilitary garb, armored vests, and combat rifles.  Some had grenades.  Rough estimates of 20 paramilitary personnel were seen milling about the open grounds.

The sign on the path behind the house read; ‘Cumani Cove’.  There was a stone tower at the head of the trail that had guards on top overlooking the sea.  The tower had a Harpoon missile launcher and electronic surveillance equipment.  The path was a quarter mile stone path that led to a cave like structure.  Guards were using golf carts to move back and forth between the cove and the main compound.  

At the bottom of the path was an old building, built into the side of the cliff.  Inside was a small warehouse and a tunnel leading from the far end.  The warehouse contained non-descript crates and military hardware.  Video surveillance and guards were present.

The path beyond the warehouse had no guards.  The hallway was brightly lit and under video surveillance, but only blood was splattered on the walls.  The hallway led to a large chamber that opened to the water.  In the middle of the chamber was a stone pedestal with a 4’ x 4’ golden cross sitting on it.  The cross was emitting a strange green light.  Two boats were moored to the docks in this chamber.  The far craft was a 17th Century Frigate, the HMS Desire.  The closer craft was a modern day Soviet era nuclear fast attack submarine, alpha class to use the American designation.

A MiGo, similar to the one that Irma painted, was standing beside a stone table, prodding at the remains of a guard.  Standing before the cross with crazy white hair, wearing a white robe was a woman who had to be in her upper 70s.

‘Daolith, your minions are starting to arrive!’ She spoke to no one in particular, the MiGo otherwise entertained.  ‘We prepare this world for your consumption.’   With that, two Nightgaunts appeared in front of the cross, hovered a minute, and flew off to the shadows of the ceiling of the cave.

The connection broke.  Flint knew it was real.  He was dazed and his head hurt.  Flint looked up with a crazy smile on his face.  ‘I know what we have to do.  The puzzle box showed it all to me.’  The box had lost all of its power.  The stone was just ordinary granite now.  He dropped the box on the floor, knowing now what lies ahead and hoping that Marge had enough ordinance and a good plan to get us through this final chapter.



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