Chaos At the Waffle Hut:

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Your character has arrived at the Kingsport Waffle Hut for breakfast at 7:45 am on Monday, June 13, 2011. The diner is crowded and there is a line to be seated. You are currently waiting in line with a copy of the Kingsport Herald (see attachment) to read while you wait. The hostess, Marge, is a calm and kindly looking 50 year old woman who seems in total charge of the situation (this by far isn’t the first breakfast rush she’s dealt with).

A table for 8 has just become available. You can either sit with a group of strangers, or wait for a table for your party to become available. This is where we begin. Based on what happens next at the Waffle Hut, you will progress through this campaign until you find an answer, die a horrible death, or are driven beyond insanity.

This scenario uses a compilation of traditional Lovecraft settings and modern day New England. Your character is NOT necessarily an investigator per se, but will be put into a situation where a ‘Scooby Gang’ will be formed out of necessity. Your character may or may not know other members of the party, depending on the individual back story. Participants in the campaign may work together for a common back story, but there shouldn’t be more than 3 characters with a common back story.

For this campaign, your character needs a valid reason to be at the Waffle Hut on this hot Monday morning. Your character is NOT a resident of Kingsport, or the surrounding areas. Occupations and proficiencies must be consistent with the character and their reason for being in town (today’s issue of the Kingsport Herald may help in that regard). Characters may have weapons, if they are proficient, and have a valid reason to carry them, knowing that local officials take their gun laws very seriously (this is Massachusetts after all).

The game system for this adventure is Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition. All characters must be reviewed and approved by the GM prior to play. Only one character per player, but if your character dies an irrevocable death, then you may roll another character for insertion at that point of the campaign. Here is the link to a character creation spreadsheet you can use to help generate your character.

Chaos at the Waffle Hut

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